Interior Finishing

Attention to detail means more than a clean miter joint, at Reid Pelly Construction we believe that where materials come from and what they are made of is as important to the feel of your space as how they are installed.  We believe that choosing sustainable, healthy products to install in your home makes for a space that feels good to be in.  Let us help you create a space you love to live in!

When you have highly skilled carpenters that truly care, you get a home that is not only beautiful but a home that makes you feel good to be inside.  Have you ever walked into a home and had a very positive feeling without knowing exactly why?  Even if you do not have an “eye” for detail, your subconscious mind does, when small details do not add up or when minor imperfections begin to add up it affects the way a home feels.  When every detail matters, we believe that you will notice one way or another!