At Reid Pelly Construction, we believe that all structures deserve a good start, the foundation sets this process in motion.  Our preferred method of foundation is ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), not only for the long-term performance the assembly gives you, but also for the efficiency of the entire process.  We also believe that the best possible foundation is created when the same crew will be responsible for the framing of the structure, invested and accountable.  Although ICF is our preferred method, we have a long list of projects completed utilizing a variety of forming methods and would be happy to execute any method of your preference. 


One chance.  One chance to get it right!  At the framing stage of any building, we at Reid Pelly Construction believe that we have one chance for a quality structure and a quality building envelope.  This stage of your project will go very quickly and is the most exciting period of creating your home, it is also the most important stage for the long-term integrity and efficiency of your home.  Never cut corners in your method, never use sub-par materials; it is a simple yet effective approach that will leave you confident that your home will be trouble free and comfortable.